Steps towards ICCPR ratification by Myanmar (Part 4)

Second high-level workshop on ICCPR in Myanmar held on 14-15 December 2017

Member of Parliament and State representatives participating at the Second workshop on ICCPR in Myanmar

CCPR-Centre and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Myanmar (International Organizations and Economic Department, IOED) organised a Second workshop on ICCPR. The event took place on 14-15 December 2017 in Nay Piy Taw and gathered 50 representatives of diverse State Ministries, Parlamentarians, Supreme Court, National Human Rights Commission and scholars.

The workshop included presentations from Judge Krister Thelin, former member of the Human Rights Committee, and three keynote speakers who shared the experiences of their countries in joining and implementing ICCPR:

  • H.E. Ambassador Paul Seger, Embassy of Switzerland in Myanmar
  • Mr. Bonanza P. Taihitu, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia
  • Ms. Nareeluc Pairchaiyapoom, Ministry of Justice of Thailand

The workshop is part of the on-going 2-year project to assist national efforts and enhance domestic process for the ratification of ICCPR by Myanmar. See previous activities here: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

"It is our desire to become a State party to ICCPR"

- U Kyaw Moe Tun, Director General, IOED, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Myanmar

Objectives and outcomes

Newspaper article covering the Second workshop on ICCPR in Myanmar

The advanced workshop has the following objectives:

  • To further deepen the understanding of ICCPR among relevant national agencies and Parliamentarians
  • To provide practical knowledge on the actual implementation of ICCPR through sharing of good practices and experience from Indonesia, Switzerland and Thailand
  • To analyse remaining challenges faced by Myanmar and identify possible steps forward for ratifying ICCPR

As outcomes of the second workshop we can mention that the participants deepened their understanding and practical knowledge about ICCPR and its implementation; clarified questions regarding issues like reservations, implications of Art. 1 on self-determination, Arts. 2 and 27 on non-discrimination of ethic minorities and budgetary needs relating to the compliance of ICCPR.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed Myanmar's desire and eagerness to become a State party of the ICCPR.

CCPR-Centre will continue its efforts to support Myanmar's national process towards ICCPR ratification.

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