Improving the Human Rights dimension of the fight against corruption

The CCPR organizes an International Conference in Geneva on 19 and 20 February 2018

The Centre for Civil and Political Rights organizes a high-level international conference on Human Rights and Corruption. Corruption inhibits the enjoyment of civil, political, and socioeconomic rights and continues to undermine justice and accountability reforms. It remains both a driver of human rights abuse and a barrier to States’ implementation of treaty-based human rights obligations.

"The Committee notes with concern that pervasive corruption among health-care professionals, with the widespread expectation of so-called informal payments, is obstructing access to health care."

- The Committee on the Rights of the Child, in the review of Azerbaijan (2012), §58.

However, despite being widely recognized as connected to human rights, corruption is rarely directly addressed by UN Treaty Bodies. More generally, the concept of a victim of corruption, and how such remedy and restitution to victims should be granted, is insufficiently addressed. This is particularly true regarding the process of asset repatriation. Stolen asset return has not been addressed by UN Treaty Bodies.

This international conference will provide a venue to further discuss how the issue of corruption, in particular through the lens of victims of corruption, could be taken into consideration by UN Treaty bodies. The conference will also invite discussion on how human rights should be considered in the context of stolen asset return.

The conference will take place in Geneva on 19 and 20 February 2018.

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Several articles were shared by the participants - they are available here

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