CCPR Centre's Annual Report 2022

Published on 01 Jul 2023, 11:53 AM

Building partnerships, inclusiveness and scaling digital access for the universal promotion of civil and political rights.

It is our privilege to share the Centre for Civil and Political Rights Annual Report 2022, which outlines our actions and achievements from January to December 2022.

Following two years of pandemic-related restrictions impacting the UN Human Rights Committee and limited online participation by Civil Society Organizations, 2022 will be remembered by many as the year that in-person engagement returned to a ‘NEW NORMAL’.

The Centre was pleased that from February 2022 we were able to attend Committee sessions IN-PERSON in Geneva, significantly improving our ability to interface with Committee members. Civil society representatives were also able to attend in-person from June 2022 onwards. The lifting of travel restrictions also meant that the Centre was able to resume its in-country missions in 2022. 

"One of the Centre’s main strengths, is that it really brings the ICCPR provisions down to the reality in the field, linking them to the real struggle of people around the world. For this, the mission of the Centre is essential, unique and irrepleacable"

- Nimalka Fernando, Director of Women’s Political Academy, Sri Lanka

Building partners, inclusiveness and scaling digital access.

COVID-19 highlighted that clear, simplified and harmonised ACCESS TO THE FINDINGS of the UN human rights mechanisms is crucial, especially when CSOs are prevented from being physically present in Geneva. To facilitate this access, the Centre continued the development of online interactive tools in coordination with other partners (including TB-Net) to promote the dissemination and integration of the Committee and other Treaty Bodies’ main findings.

This included a data visualisation tool on Myanmar, complete with a map and other graphics outlining UN Member States’ engagement with Myanmar since the military coup, as well as an interactive map, developed in partnership with a national NGO, reflecting documented human rights violations in Burundi.

The Centre also began to pilot some of the key interventions planned for inclusion in our next Strategic Plan (2024-2027). These included a more STRATEGIC USE OF FOLLOW-UP MISSIONS; an INCREASED ENGAGEMENT WITH PARLAMENTARIANS and a reinforced use of MULTISTAKEHOLDER INITIATIVES. 

Promoting civil and political rights where cooperation with UN mechanisms is limited.

In order to respond to evolving national and regional contexts, we developed innovative ways of promoting civil and political rights and promote CSOs participation in environments where there is MINIMAL COOPERATION with UN mechanisms.

This included work conducted by the Centre in countries that show poor or no collaboration with the Committee (i.e. Russian Federation and Nicaragua); countries that have not ratified the ICCPR (i.e. Myanmar or Cuba) or those where participation in civil society introduces significant security risk (i.e. Burundi, Uzbekistan and Venezuela).

The Centre’s pursuit for universal respect for civil and political rights would not have been possible without the continued and close collaboration of the Centre’s partners, donors and supporters. We remain indebted to their steadfast engagement and trust as we work to build a more just and sustainable world, in which civil and political rights are well known and respected by and for everyone.

We hope you will enjoy the reading!

CCPR Centre 

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