lCCPR Follow-up World Maps

Published on 25 Apr 2024, 02:32 PM

The Centre launches the first World Map on ICCPR Implementation on recommendations selected for the follow-up procedure

World Map on ICCPR Implementation

This initiative intends to facilitate access and disseminate the Human Rights Committee's concluding observations for all States Parties as well as the status of their implementation.

During the consideration of every State report, the Human Rights Committee analyzes breaches of international obligations and publishes concluding observations in the form of recommendations to each State party.

Out of these concluding observations, the Committee highlights around three urgent recommendations that should be prioritized by each State. Following this, States have a period of 3 years to provide any information to the Committee on measures taken to fulfill the recommendations and improve the civil and political rights situation in the countries.

Civil society organizations are also allowed to participate in the process by submitting reports. The Committee then assesses all the information submitted and provides a separate grade for each urgent recommendation based on its level of implementation. All these findings are now easly accessible on our lCCPR Follow-up World Maps.

This complements the initiatives carried out by the Centre in favor of the follow-up of recommendations (follow-up missions with the authorities, campaigns to disseminate the recommendations, drafting of civil society follow-up reports to assess the progress made by the States).

Description of Maps

Map 1: Cooperation with the Human Rights Committee in the follow-up procedure

This map allows identifying which States are submitting follow-up information to the Committee, and which have not yet responded despite the deadlines and the reminders sent by the Committee.

The latter are the States that receive from the Committee a grade D due to non-cooperation. This map also includes States that, for whatever reason, have not received an assessment by the Committee yet (listed as "No Follow-up Ever").

Map 2: Implementation Assessment Map

States that do submit information in a timely manner to the Committee are displayed in the map 2 with the relevent information on the implementation of the recommendations. 

By clicking on each State, the user has information on the topic of the recommendations selected, the grading given to each of them by the Committee, and the year in which the assessment was made.

Map 3: Ranking of the States

The map 3 is a ranking of the Implementation Assessment of all States, so out of all the States that did submit information to the Committee in a timely manner. The States that appear higher in the ranking system are the ones that have received higher grades by the Committee, while the ones at the bottom received the lowest scores.

More information on the Committee’s Follow-up on Concluding Observations procedure and on the methodology of the maps.

Check out the Centre's Database on Follow-up on Concluding Observations here

This project is supported by the Loterie Romande

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