115th Session in Brief

Overview of the 115th Session of the Human Rights Committee (October-November 2015)

At its 115th session (19th October to 6th November 2015) the Human Rights Committee reviewed the reports of seven States on the implementation of the ICCPR: Austria, Benin, Greece, Iraq, Republic of Korea, San Marino and Suriname. For the first time the Committee reviewed two State reports (Greece and San Marino) in double chambers.

The Committee also adopted the Lists of Issues in relation to the reports of four States: Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kazakhstan and Kuwait and the List of Issues Prior to Reporting in relation to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Guatemala and Hungary.

The text adopted on the Follow-up Concluding Observations assesses the recent information received on the implementation of the Committee's recommendations in relation to Albania, Armenia, Finland, Georgia, Kenya, Nepal, Paraguay and Tajikistan.

In addition, the Committee held three public meetings to discuss the first draft of a General Comment on article 6 (Right to Life) of the ICCPR.

40 individual communications were adopted, 21 were found to have violations, 3 with no violations, 9 were inadmissible, 1 was admissible but it will be decided on the merits at next session and 6 were discontinued.

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