Continuation of the second reading of draft General Comment no. 36 on the Right to Life

Second reading draft General Comment | HR Committee | July 2018

During the 123rd session, the Committee devoted six meetings to the second reading of the draft General Comment No. 36 of article 6 on the right to life. Excellent progress was made during this session as the Committee adopted paragraphs 14 to 55.

The Committee adopted the remaining paragraphs from the General Remarks section; Chapter II on The Prohibition against Arbitrary Deprivation of Life; Chapter III on The Duty to Protect Life; and Chapter IV on Imposition of the Death Penalty.

Only Chapter V on Relationship of article 6 with other articles of the Covenant and other legal regimes remains to be adopted. Committee members expect to finish the second reading and adopt the final text of the General Comment 36 at the 124th session in October this year.

The webcast of the discussions on the draft General Comment can be accessed here: Part 1,  Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5 and Part 6.

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