116th Session in brief

Overview of the 116th Session of the Human Rights Committee (7 to 31 March 2016)

At its 116th session (7 to 31 March 2016) the Human Rights Committee reviewed the reports of seven States on the implementation of the ICCPR: South Africa, Rwanda, Sweden, New Zealand, Slovenia, Costa Rica and Namibia.

The Committee also adopted the Lists of Issues in relation to the reports of six States: Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Colombia, Jamaica, Morocco and Slovakia and the List of Issues Prior to Reporting in relation to Estonia.

"This is the first session of an important year - the 50th anniversary of [...] the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights."


The text adopted on the Follow-up to Concluding Observations assesses the recent information received on the implementation of the Committee’s recommendations in relation to Ireland, Japan, Mauritania, Djibouti, Iceland and the Dominican Republic.

In addition, the Committee held three public meetings to continue the discussion regarding the first draft of a General Comment on article 6 (Right to Life) of the ICCPR.

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