year 2021 timeline


  • Mauritania - CSOs Consultations for UPR report

  • Burundi - CNIDH Training on Treaty Bodies & COBs’ Follow-up

  • Guatemala - Roundtable with authorities and CSOs on Follow-up to COBs

  • Myanmar - HRC46 - Release of a joint statement calling for restoration of democracy

  • Thailand - Online consultations on the use of force and freedom of expression

  • DR Congo - CIDH / CSOs / INDH consultations for COBs Follow-up on ICCPR and CAT



  • HR Committee 131st Session - CSOs Informal Briefings (online) for Kenya, Finland, Nepal & Malawi

  • Honduras - Online forum on the Follow-up to the 2020 UPR recommendations

  • COVID-19 - Launch of tools to monitor ICCPR violations during COVID-19 (Thai)

  • Zimbabwe CSO - Training on UPR, specifically focusing on SOGIE

  • Art.25 - Guidelines on the Right to Participate in Public Affairs (3 languages)

  • Eswatini - Submission of the UPR report

  • HRC 46 - Oral statement on Burundi

  • Senegal - Launch of the CSOs Coalition’s action plan for Follow-up of HR Committee’s recommendations

  • DRC - Webinar on NPM with CIDH, INDH, CSOs

  • GC37 - Publication of Simple Q&A (English and Thai)

  • Latin America - First regional meeting of coalitions from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua with OHCHR participation

  • Togo - CSOs workshops to prepare the UPR report and the ICCPR Review

  • Burundi - NHRC Burundi visit to GVA



  • Moldova - Publication of a study on Corruption & Human Rights

  • Mauritania - Virtual roundtable on the “Passif Humanitaire”

  • Eswatini - Virtual roundtable on the implementation of HR Committee’s COBs

  • Honduras - Ad hoc introductory trainings (8) to the UN Human Rights System

  • Zimbabwe - Submission of UPR report

  • Thailand - Online seminar for State officials on Freedom of Expression & Freedom of Peaceful Assembly

  • HR Committee 132nd Session - CSOs briefings (Togo, Burundi, Canada, Turkey, Albania, Ecuador, Mozambique, France)

  • Myanmar - Advocacy at HRC47 (Written Statement; Oral Statement; Oral Statement to SR; Op-ed in Global Geneva)

  • DRC - CSOs Consultation on gender equality in political process

  • HRC47 - Oral statement during the ID with the independent expert on SOGIE

  • HRC47 - Oral statement on Burundi

  • CCPR General Assembly - Re-election of Victor Rodriguez as President of the Board and adoption of Centre’s Institutional Policies

  • Thailand - Interview with former Chair of HR Committee on Right to peaceful Assembly

  • Burundi - Launch of new SOS Torture Burundi website



  • El Salvador - HRDs training on legal options to protect them from arbitrary detentions

  • Venezuela - Submission of UPR reports

  • Latin America - Regional Training for Media

  • Niger - Submission of UPR report

  • Niger - CSOs consultations and submission of the Follow-up report to the HR Committee

  • Tajikistan - Thematic Fact Sheets on HR Committee’s COBs



  • HRC 48th Session - Five video statements (Myanmar, Haiti, Nicaragua, Venezuela & Burundi)

  • DRC - Three-day consultations with MPs on HR Committee’s priority recommendations Prevention of torture & Participation of women in the public affairs

  • Thailand - Online consultations on use of force and freedom of expression

  • Ecuador - Trainings to authorities on the application of international human rights treaties at the domestic level

  • Ecuador - High-level conferences on the State’s international human rights obligations

  • Nicaragua - Training to journalists on how to monitor the Human Rights Council and the specific recommendations to the country

  • Bolivia - CSOs workshop on CAT & coordination to draft a coalition report

  • Honduras - Training to students on protection mechanisms for HRDs

  • HR Committee 133rd Session - CSOs Briefings for Armenia, Botswana, Germany & Ukraine

  • Zambia - Preparatory mission ahead of the review by the HR Committee

  • Zimbabwe and Eswatini - Thematic CSOs consultation on LGBT on UPR advocacy

  • Tajikistan - Informal briefing for Geneva-based diplomatic missions on UPR and development of 3 advocacy tools on 1. Freedom of Expression; 2. Freedom of Association and HRDs; 3. Discrimination

  • Bolivia - Submission of CSOs coalition report to CAT

  • Haiti and Togo - Four thematic UPR online trainings

  • Botswana - Informative session to CSOs on the ICCPR review and support to draft a report to the HR Committee

  • CIS - Covid tools translated into Kyrgyz, Khazakh, Tajik & Russian

  • Kazakhstan - CEDAW Follow-up report



  • El Salvador - CSOs training on Follow-up recommendations from Human Rights mechanisms

  • Honduras - Training to journalists on Human Rights mechanisms and standards in the electoral context

  • Nicaragua - Launch of campaign to create a special mechanism for international investigation and accountability

  • Haiti - In-country UPR pre-session with diplomats in collaboration with UPR-Info and our national partner

  • Venezuela - Support to 6 HRDs from Venezuela to do UPR advocacy with diplomatic missions in Geneva

  • Togo - Parliamentary and HRDs consultation on protection of the HRDs

  • Niger - Follow-up mission with MPs consultations on the law to protect HRDs

  • DRC - Submission of progress report to CEDAW on Follow-up recommendations

  • Publication of updated Guidelines on CSOs engagement in the Human Rights Committee work

  • Latin America - Second regional meeting of coalitions from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador & Nicaragua

  • Bolivia - CSOs consultation prior to upcoming HR Committee review

  • Venezuela - Online event for diplomatic missions on Human Rights situation

  • Guatemala - CSOs session to draft a Follow-up report to the HR Committee

  • Launch of the publication - “UNTB - A Year in Review 2020” and litigators webinars

  • Corruption & Human Rights - Panel on Corruption and Human Rights at the UNCAC Conference

  • Sierra Leone - First Focused Review on joint UN Treaty Bodies follow-up activities carried jointly with the Geneva HR Academy

  • Nicaragua - Oral statement at the Human Rights Council and side event “Towards the Creation of a Justice and Accountability Process”

  • Guatemala - Training to journalists on the Follow-up to recommendations of Human Rights mechanisms

  • Vietnam - Workshop on the rights of minority children and reporting to CRC

  • Cambodia - CSOs consultation prior to upcoming HR Committee review