109th Session in Brief

Overview of the 109th session of the Human Rights Committee (October 2013)

At its 109th Session (14 October to 1 November 2013) the Human Rights Committee reviewed the reports of five States Parties – Bolivia, Djibouti, Mauritania, Mozambique and Uruguay. The Committee had also intended to review the United States, but four days before the start of the session the USA requested that the review be postponed due to the on-going government shutdown. Reluctantly, the Committee agreed to this request.

The Committee also adopted Lists of Issues in relation to the reports of six States: Burundi, Georgia, Ireland, Japan, Latvia and Sudan. These lists of issues will shortly be available from the CCPR Centre website.

It considered 22 Individual Communications, finding 5 inadmissible, deciding 13 on the merits, and discontinuing consideration of 4.

Six meetings were devoted to the first reading of draft General Comment 35 on article 9 (Liberty and Security of Persons).

Rules of Procedure of the Human Rights Committee

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