X. v. Sweden

Reference: CCPR/C/103/D/1833/2008

Decision Year: 2011-11-01

Information Source: Victim & Follow-up Report on views (Mar. 2014)

According to the Victim or his/her Counsel:

09/2013 The author’s counsel stressed that a number of elements in the State party’s submission of 13 March 2013, do not properly reflect the situation, and deserve clarifications.The author’s counsel highlights again the miscommunication between the various diplomatic representations of the State party and the Migration Board. She also notes the absence of reaction of the Foreign Ministry in Stockholm, even though it was copied on all exchanges of correspondence. She stresses the fact that it is the State party’s responsibility to provide the author with an effective remedy, and that it took nine months for the Swedish Migration Board to issue a decision in the author’s case. Finally, the author’s counsel stresses the lack of legislative measure to prevent similar violations in the future.

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