Zyuskin v. Russian Federation

Reference: CCPR/C/102/D/1605/2007

Decision Year: 2011-07-19

Information Source: INSENGAR; CLADEM (NGOs representing the victim)

According to the Victim or his/her Counsel:
At the national level a law has been passed on "comprehensive protection to prevent, punish and eradicate violence against women in areas where they develop their interpersonal relationships". At the regional level, the victim has received the compensation she sought plus a home that has been deeded to her name and a lifetime allowance equivalent to the salary of a Provincial Director. Proceedings have been initiated against the physician who checked LNP on the night of the crime and the judge who acquitted the rapists. Various measures have been taken towards preventing future violations, including the establishment of the position of translator or aboriginal interpreter in each judicial district, the creation of an Office of Care, Counseling and Tracking of Situations of Violence against Women, the creation of Children and Families Tribunal in Castelli, and the organisation of training courses for health professionals.

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