Khoroshenko v. Russian Federation

Reference: CCPR/C/101/D/1304/2004

Decision Year: 2011-03-29

Information Source: Follow-up Report on Views (Mar. 2014)

According to the Victim or his/her Counsel:

04/2013 The author notes that he has addressed several requests to the State party on the measures taken to give effect to the Committee’s recommendation, but all remained unanswered. The fact that he has been awaiting the State party’s reply for two years now, makes him suffer. Therefore, the author asks the Committee not to rely on State party’s submissions, as it ignores the Committee’s views and his requests, but to reply to his queries directly.
07/2013 The author requests the Committee to review his complaints under articles 15 and 26 of the Covenant, which were declared inadmissible, referring to the Committee’s Rules of Procedure (currently Rule 98, paragraph 2). He submits a new application and supporting documents.He further draws the Committee’s attention to the fact that he has not been informed whether the State party took any measure to give effect to the Committee’s Views. The author therefore requests the Committee to register his new application, and to inform him of the measures taken by the State party to implement the Views.

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  • Conditions of detention Death penalty Equality before the law Fair hearing Right to life Torture / ill-treatment

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