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Submission: 2015.02.15

View Adopted: 2017.03.27

Z.H. v. Denmark

Substantive Issues
  • Freedom of movement
  • Interference with one's home
  • Right to life
Relevant Articles
  • Article 12
  • Article 17
  • Article 6


The Committee considers that, for the purposes of admissibility, the author has explained in sufficient detail why his and his family’s safety could be put at risk upon return to Albania. Accordingly, the Committee declares the communication admissible insofar as it appears to raise issues under article 6 of the Covenant and proceeds with its consideration of the merits. 


The Committee, acting under article 5 (4) of the Optional Protocol, is of the view that the removal of the author and his family to Albania would not violate their rights under article 6 of the Covenant. 

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