Upcoming review of Swaziland in absence of report

Civil society organisations ready to engage with the Human Rights Committee

Having ratified the ICCPR in 2004, Swaziland’s initial report on the ICCPR was due by 2005. After such a long delay, the Human Rights Committee has scheduled the review of Swaziland in absence of report. This review will take place in July 2017.

In light of the upcoming review, CCPR-Centre visited Swaziland from 4 to 8 April to facilitate a consultation with civil society organisations and to meet with key stakeholders, including:

  • Permanent Secretary of the Minister of Justice
  • Executive Director of the National Human Rights Commission
  • UN resident coordinator
  • United States and European Union Ambassadors

"Few countries are reviewed by the Human Rights Committee in absence of State report. Swaziland will be one of these. Hopefully this review will foster Swaziland’s engagement with the treaty bodies"

- Andrea Meraz, Programme Manager at CCPR-Centre

Civil society consultative meeting on implementation of ICCPR

Together with COSPE and the Southern Africa Litigation Centre (SALC), the Centre facilitated a consultative meeting with civil society organisations to discuss the implementation of the ICCPR in Swaziland and prepare a report for the HR Committee. The meeting took place in Manzini on the 6th and 7th April. It was attended by 40 representatives of civil society.

Most of the participants had already worked together for the UPR; others joined the coalition for the first time. This consultation served to strengthen the work of Swazi civil society towards international mechanisms. This is important given that Swaziland is not frequently reviewed by international human rights mechanisms due to the State delays in reporting to the UN.

Positive aspects

  • The Permanent Secretary of the Minister of Justice confirmed the State’s willingness to engage at the review in absence of report by replying to the questions of the List of Issues.
  • With the support of OHCHR office for Southern Africa, the Swazi Government is trying to put in place a national mechanism for reporting and follow-up (NMRF) to catch up with the delays in reporting to the treaty bodies and coordinate the implementation of the UN recommendations.
  • The National Human Rights Commission is now operational and in the process of obtaining accreditation at the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions. 

CCPR-Centre, COSPE and SALC will support the participation of civil society representatives at the Committee's session in July.

Click here for more information on NGO participation at the Committee's session.

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