Civil Society Organisations of Ghana engaged with the Human Rights Committee

First review of Ghana by the Human Rights Committee

Lake Volta, Ghana: The NGO report reveals that 49'000 children are working in the fishing industry.

As Ghana is going to be reviewed for the first time ever by the UN Human Rights Committee, civil society organisations are engaged to participate in this process.

Their advocacy strategy started last year with an NGO national consultation followed by the submission of a comprehensive civil society coalition report to the HR Committee. 22 out of the 26 questions raised by the Committee in the List of Issues (LOI) on Ghana concern the topics addressed in the NGO coalition report.

This year, NGOs held a series of meetings coordinated by the Human Rights Advocacy Centre with the support of CCPR-Centre. The objective was to discuss the main concerns regarding the implementation of the ICCPR in Ghana and prepare an NGO coalition report in reply to the LOI.

"With all these efforts, there will be a coherent and collective response from the CSOs on the List of Issues from the United Nations Human Rights Committee, said Wendy Abbey - Human Rights Advocacy Centre "


Implementation of the ICCPR in Ghana

Some of the issues discussed at the NGO meetings are:

  • The lack of effective protection against acts of discrimination against (a) lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people; (b) sex workers; and (c) people living with HIV and AIDS
  • Abuses against people with disabilities, in particular psychosocial or mental disabilities
  • The pending implementation of the recommendations issued by the Constitutional Review Commission, in particular regarding the abolition of death penalty
  • The measures taken by the State to prevent police abuses and to investigate allegations; to improve prison conditions and to criminalise torture in domestic legislation according to international standards, including the inadmissibility of forced confessions and evidence procured by means of torture
  • Child labour in sectors such as gold mining, agriculture and fishing.

Find here the NGO coalition report in reply to the LOI submitted in May 2016 to the Human Rights Committee.

Additionally, NGO representatives from Ghana will visit Geneva and directly participate at the review of Ghana scheduled at the 117 session of the Human Rights Committee on 24th June 2016.

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